– Instrument identification
– Sterilizing instruments
– Handpiece maintenance

Operatory Set Up and Clean Up

– Setting up for a variety of dental procedures
– Breaking down/sanitizing operative rooms
– Learning different items used for procedures

Basics of Dentistry

– Teeth numbers
– Surfaces of teeth
– Post Operative Instructions
– Procedure Scheduling
– Proper documentation of patients
– Reviewing medical history
– Pre-Assessing
– Cookbooks
– Templates
– Algorithm

Fillings and Extractions

– Learn how to hands on assist with multiple classes of fillings and different types of extractions
– Proper instrument passing
– Work closely with doctors
– Class II banding
– Isolation techniques
– Suctioning
– Marking and adjusting occlusion
Upcoming Classes

This FREE dental assistant training occurs four times per year. It is a four week program, Monday – Friday 8-3 pm. This program includes a mix of lectures, training videos, practice on dental mannequins, and live patients.